Year of Code – The Road to Rachmaninoff

As many people know, I'm a musician as well as developer. I love playing and writing music just as I love creating code. As well as a developer I also work in higher education where I teach programming. First of all, I want to say I fully support initiatives which encourages people to learn to … Continue reading

Custom Linux Shutdown Scripts

Everyone knows one of the beauties of Linux (and FOSS in general) is the ability to delve in and change functionality for your own requirements. I was having an issue where a standard "poweroff" or "halt" was not shutting the computer down properly, so I needed to write my own scripts to replace … Continue reading

Geolocation Library

In development of my generic geosocial media engine, part of the task was to develop a Geolocaiton library for geospatial calculations. This has since been developed and released at This contains a variety of geospatial classes: Point, Line, Multipoint Line, … Continue reading

PHP 5.4 – The Highlights

I haven't blogged for ages, so here's one about the impending release (ie. today) of PHP 5.4! I am just giving a brief introduction to a few features which I think make it a rather interesting release. Speed There is going to be a significant speed increase in PHP 5.4 (apparently more so than … Continue reading

When Objects Act Like Arrays

I'm a big advocate of object-oriented programming, even though only a few years ago I hated it and thought it was "over engineering". I don't believe, however, that object orientation is suitable for every circumstance. Anyway, that's for another blog post. Objects are great, but not always the … Continue reading