Project Catharsis

Something I have not yet mentioned here is the music side of my life. Music is incredibly important to me, having been playing instruments from the age of 6. The one instrument that I have stuck with ever since that age is the piano, which I absolutely adore.

As well as playing for bands, I have been working on a solo project; an album called Catharsis. It is a 2 part concept album (the concept will be published at a later date), and will contain 8 or 9 tracks. It’s going to be progressive rock/metal but incorporating different styles from various genres.

I have resisted recording any demos until the entire thing has been composed, this is due to it being a concept album and needing to work “as a whole” rather just as a collection of pieces. However, the composition stage is almost complete, so in the near future I plan to start the demoing process.

The plan is for the demo to be entirely piano and (multi-tracked) vocals, to give an overall idea of how it will sound (this is also the closest to how I’ve gone about it in the composition process). I will then build up the orchestration around it.

I will of course be blogging for the duration of the recording (and continual composition) of this piece, and if you’re lucky may even upload some sneak previews.

Stay tuned.

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