Geolocation Library

In development of my generic geosocial media engine, part of the task was to develop a Geolocaiton library for geospatial calculations. This has since been developed and released at This contains a variety of geospatial classes: Point, Line, Multipoint Line, … Continue reading

Happy New Year and Updates

With it being the festive season, I have not done a huge amount of interest recently. I'm hoping to have a few things for you soon. Currently I have been experimenting with Drupal, having never used it (properly) before, this is a real learning curve. Also I am working on getting suPHP to work … Continue reading

Breadth Vs Depth

Something that I've recently been thinking about a lot is what should be taught at Universities, particularly in my area (Computer Science). What has been bugging me is trying to think about the balance between coverage and detail. Is there a bias as in you should focus more on one and not the … Continue reading


Welcome to my new website. There is not much on it at the moment, but that will change over time. This site is going to include tutorials, presentations, scripts and other things which I have written, and also information about what I am doing (in music and technology). Please bear with me while … Continue reading