Netbeans 6.9 Beta + Zend Framework

Having just got my brand new MacBook Pro, I’ve been setting it up as a development environment (blog post about that to come). I decided to install the new Netbeans 6.9 beta. The main reason for this is the Zend Framework (and Symfony) support.

In the past I have found Netbeans to be pretty good with code-completion when being used with Zend Framework, however with the release of Zend Tool (something I do really like), you’ve had to switch from Netbeans to the command line in order to create the project and then create a new Netbeans project from existing sources. This was a bit of a hassle.

Now, all you need to do is download the Framework, go into the Netbeans preferences > PHP > Zend tab, Zend script box should point to the zf script (from within the bin directory of the ZF downloading). On Mac and Linux it wants the file (on Windows it will probably want the zf.bat file, although not tested). Once that has been set up, you can now create brand new Zend Framework projects from within Netbeans, and it preconfigures everything for you. Lovely!

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  1. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the post.

    Having recently started to really explore Zend Framework, including Zend Tool, it’s great to hear that Netbeans supports integration with it. Zend Tool already significantly simplified the process of creating a project structure and creating controllers, and now to have an IDE which takes the typing of the commands away, is there anything left for us developers to do? Maybe I should say that quieter. The reality of it is, the less time faffing around with our tools means more time working on the solution, and less time wasted. +1 to Netbeans.


  2. Hey Rick, just learning zend framework. I like it alot. I downloaded the current build for netbeans and configured it fine. One thing that I liked in Eclipse was the popup window that showed the docbloc commenting info for a function/class etc… Is this possible with netbeans?


  3. Rick, thanks for the post. This was exactly the info I needed to get Zend up and running in Netbeans.

  4. Hi Rick,

    I am blocked in a one point of the installation of ZF with Netbeans (Win XP). I have introduced the path to zf.bat in the Zend Script window (…ZendFramework-1.11.3\bin\zf.bat) but when I try to create a new project it returns an error “php.exe is not recognized as internal or external command”

    So I introduced the path to php.exe on Netbeans > Options > PHP > General > PHP 5 interpreter (…\XAMPP\php\php.exe) and the same error is returned.

    I also introduced the path to php in Netbeans > Options > PHP > General > General Include path ((…\XAMPP\php) and the same.

    The zf.bat file contains the following script:


    REM Test to see if this was installed via pear
    REM below @php_bin@
    FOR %%x IN (“@php_bin@”) DO (if %%x==”%TMPZTMPZTMP%” GOTO :NON_PEAR_INSTALLED)


    REM Assume php.exe is executable, and that zf.php will reside in the
    REM same file as this one
    SET PHP_BIN=php.exe
    SET PHP_DIR=%~dp0

    REM Assume this was installed via PEAR and use replacements php_bin & php_dir
    SET PHP_BIN=@php_bin@
    SET PHP_DIR=@php_dir@

    SET ZF_SCRIPT=%PHP_DIR%\zf.php
    “%PHP_BIN%” -d safe_mode=Off -f “%ZF_SCRIPT%” — %*


    I’m a bit down. Could you help me, please?


  5. Forget it, please. I could solve introducing the path to php.exe manually in zf.bat

    Thanks anyway

  6. I think this is to do with PHP needing to be on the global path in Windows. However, I am not a Windows user so I’m afraid I can’t really help.

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