The Research Begins

As some of you may know, I have now officially started my masters. It is a technical MSc (by Research) on Location-based Social Media Services. The easiest way to describe this is I will be designing and developing a Wiki for a variety of media (text, audio, images and video) which (unlike Wikipedia) is not found using “keywords”, but instead is found based on the location of the client.

I am currently starting a literature survey in this area and have discovered a great, free, multi-platform reference manager called Mendeley, which is incredibly useful for literature storing, organising and tracking (and will even generate a bibliography)! I am researching on who’s currently doing what in location based and social media applications. This includes what applications are out there, what technologies are out there (for information transfer/web services and location analysis) and also what is currently being researched.

I will hopefully be blogging regularly about this, and keep this blog updated with my findings. Please leave comments if you have any suggestions regarding areas I should look into, applications or if you have any insight into this area.

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